A Shopaholic’s Guide to Packing

As excited and anxious as all of us are for our experience abroad, one of the most stressful things is packing (at least in my case). The two suitcases thing for me is a bit intimidating- as I am sure it is for all of the people out there who spent most of their free […]

Find yourself interning in Barcelona!

Need something to make you stand out on your resume? Or perhaps you loved your first abroad experience and are just waiting for a way to return? API Internships are a fantastic way to get both professional experience as well as immerse yourself in a new culture. API currently offers internships in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, […]

Bare-Bones Backpacking

During the weeks before and after my exams at Trinity, I took two separate backpacking trips to mainland Europe. Largely dictated by the small budget I had, I found the experience of minimalistic traveling exhilarating and a welcome challenge. I often found myself contemplating the boxes of things sitting in my closet back in Arkansas, […]

Once You Have Traveled, The Voyage Never Ends

The other weekend I embarked on my final trips as a study abroad student in Barcelona, during which I ventured to Paris and Versailles, followed by Prague. I’m going to start off by clearing up a major misconception about Paris—you don’t have to go with a significant other in order to have fun in Paris […]

Barcelona Beach Bum

“Let’s go to the beach-each, let’s go get away!” I finally got to have my first proper beach trip of the semester! I say proper because the weather in Barcelona was “Sunny and 75” (Let’s see how many more songs I can reference in this post)! Barcelona was such a fun weekend getaway and a […]

Lovin’ Lisbon

I was having lunch with one of my friends in lower Manhattan during my fall break in October, discussing places I should visit while I was studying abroad. My friend, Alex, who has traveled to most of Europe, Australia and Asia, was giving me her insight on the best places to travel to in Europe, […]

My API study abroad story – Anastasia Papadin

I decided to apply to be an API Campus Advocate because I appreciated the incredible experience API gave me when I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and I wanted to show other students why choosing API could be the best decision for them! I could not have predicted that I would be so happy with being […]

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