Memories in the Making

By Amy, Cultural Embrace Work Participant in Australia It’s incredible how quickly time is going by and yet at the same time it feels as though I’ve been living here forever! This entire experience has been incredible from the exotic wildlife, festivals, and beaches to the sometimes foreign English language! All of this has been made […]

Q&A about Cultural Embrace’s Work in Australia Program

By Jennifer C., Former Cultural Embrace Work Participant in Australia Hey hey guys! I’m very excited for everyone’s interest in Cultural Embrace’s Work and Travel Program, as my W&T experience was absolutely incredible, and urge each of you to boldly go after what draws you. Dive into every opportunity to broaden your perspectives, challenge yourself with […]

FAQs About Internships Abroad

By Founder Emlyn Lee Happy Fall! This is probably my favorite time of year… the cooler weather, the foliage changing, pumpkin patch picking, and football season. Heck, even for the non-football fans, like me, you can’t beat running errands and not waiting in line during game weekends! But one of my most appreciative part of […]

What’s On?!

By Amy, Cultural Embrace Work in Australia I was beginning to think that Aussies were obsessed with their television programs as there are “What’s On” billboards, signs, magazines, and websites everywhere you turn. Alas, it is actually their way of saying “what’s going on?!”–And there is plenty!!! Although there is more of a “fall” feeling in […]

Work and Travel in Australia

By Jennifer C., Work and Travel Australia I’m Jennifer Campbell, your Work and Travel Australia blogger. A little about me: I’m Dallas, Texas bred, but a definite Austin, TX enthusiast. I love anything outdoors, including deep sea, surf and bay fishing, diving and snorkeling, zip lining, biking, running and hiking, and I’m also a photography […]

Flashback: A Work & Traveler’s Experience

By Jennifer, Cultural Embrace Work in Australia Participant Stateside and definitely currently plotting my next escape… August 19, 2010 How’s it goin’ Cultural Embracers? I’ve officially been back home in The States for what feels like FOREVER… a month if we’re being literal. Having been used to thirty day fly-bys packed with explorations through a new city […]

A Work &Traveler’s Experience Part 2

By Jennifer, Cultural Embrace Work in Australia Participant Australia = the adventureland of my wildest dreams. Aside from its reputable surfing/ windsurfing/ kitesurfing/ spearfishing/ kayaking/ hiking/ camping spots/ famed beaches, diving and snorkeling the other-worldly Great Barrier Reef and its Islands sprinkled along the East Coast and adventuring through the surreal red outback and crocodile strewn northern […]

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