Advocating For International Education

Graduation is right around the corner and I can’t believe it’s been a year and half since I studied abroad in Paris, France with Academic Programs International (API). I still hold fresh memories of those incredible days in Paris, but what has really helped to incorporate my French experience into part of the everyday life […]

My API study abroad story – Anastasia Papadin

I decided to apply to be an API Campus Advocate because I appreciated the incredible experience API gave me when I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and I wanted to show other students why choosing API could be the best decision for them! I could not have predicted that I would be so happy with being […]

Becoming an API Road Warrior

Where to begin? Well, it was my junior year at Washington State University. Although I was well into my major and minor, I was also still no closer to a career path than I was as an 18 year old freshman. Seriously, the real world started to creep up on me (as everyone said it […]

Why Study Abroad in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

Studying abroad during the spring of my junior year was the best decision I have ever made. This good decision revolved around my choice to study in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Heading into a place I knew nothing about, not knowing anyone I was living with, and unsure of the language I was sure that I would […]

API, Abroad, and Advocating, O my!

Spending time abroad is one the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done. It made me learn so much about myself and about other cultures around Europe. Returning from being abroad can be a hard transition for some, and even harder to put into words. Everyone asks “How was abroad?!”, and it’s really hard to come […]

A Simple Germany Poem

As part of Samantha’s application to the API Campus Advocate program, Samantha chose to share her experience with her grandmother in a most poetic way.  If you’re interested in learning more about sharing your study abroad story with your family, friends, and community, please visit the API Alumni Programming page on our website to learn […]

Traveling around the United Kingdom

Probably one of the best things about spending a semester abroad is the chance to travel. When I was in Leeds, I jumped at any opportunity to explore the country that I was living in. API offered numerous outings to places like Lincoln, the Lake Districts, London, and so many other places that I might […]

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