Teacher Connections: Staying On

In this post from API’s “Teacher Connections” series, Cordelia, a current teacher in Colombia, writes about her time abroad.

Life can be overwhelming, right? This past spring in the U.S. was quite a challenge for me, personally and professionally. After graduating university over a year ago, I had wanted to travel again (after living in Spain for two and a half years), but the opportunity hadn’t presented itself. So, I stayed in the States and worked at a job that was good for me, but not my dream, not a direct step toward accomplishing my life goals.

Traveling in Europe as a college student

Traveling in Europe as a college student

I wanted to experience a new culture that was warm, expressive, and appreciative of the little things in life. Colombia is just that and has been a great teacher thus far. Every day I am learning more and more, not just externally about this country and its people, but definitely internally. The challenges and joys presented to me are some that I highly doubt I would experience through my daily routine back home. My interactions with my Colombian colleagues, students, friends, and even family in the U.S. carry much more meaning and are chances for me to learn and grow; I do not take these connections for granted anymore.

My class on graduation day – I’m so proud!

My class on graduation day – I’m so proud!

With that, I have decided to extend my contract here for another semester. My time here would feel incomplete if I didn’t stay longer to fully immerse and adjust to this marvel of a culture.

Taking a leap of faith in Colombia…

Taking a leap of faith in Colombia…

Whatever drove me to leave everything behind and start fresh is now in the past, another layer of my personal story. I am now filled with new life, rejuvenated daily by my students, my close friends, and by myself. I impress myself with the progress I have made in these past few months; the strength, patience, flexibility, excitement, and serenity I have found in myself is incredible. A dear friend of mine had volunteered in this SENA co-teaching program through Academic Programs International (API) and Volunteers Colombia (VC) last year, and I am so fortunate to have met her, because I am now en route to my life goal, living every day as I dream it to be.

To learn more about the Teach in Colombia program that Cordelia is a part of, click here: http://downloads.apistudyabroad.com/Colombia_flyer_fall2016.pdf
Applications for June/July 2017 start are currently being accepted!

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