All I Want For Christmas Is To Study Abroad

Grant Emory is an API Peer Mentor at The University of Georgia. He studied abroad with API in Florence, Italy.

What’s not to love about Christmas? Snow, dinner with the family, Christmas specials on TV and it’s hard to forget about the gift giving! While the season is not about the gifts, those close to you want to give a meaningful gift and what would be more influential than helping to fund your study abroad!

We’ve all had a “Ralphie” experience (if not, quickly administer a dose of the iconic movie A Christmas Story). Gift giving is a delicate process, but if you are yearning to study abroad and stressed about finances, Christmas is the perfect opportunity!

Here are some simple and creative methods for making your study abroad dreams a reality!

MyTab (
If you’re not familiar with the service, MyTab is a donation website that allows family and friends to donate to your flight & hotel costs while abroad. Even better, MyTab partnered with Expedia to give you a discount rate! In addition, the service integrates with Facebook and Twitter (email too) so you can contact friends and family without hassle. Oh, and for the cautious internet users in everyone’s family, the service is FDIC insured.

gofundme (
GoFundMe is a online fundraising service that has helped thousands raise money for a variety of goals, including study abroad! GoFundMe allows users to create an easy-to-use personal donation webpage that will attract friends, family, and through the benefit of crowd-funding, others in cyber-space who want to see you reach your study abroad goal!

Gift Card Exchange Day (
That Toys-r-us gift card from your grandma who still thinks you’re 12, why not exchange it? CouponSherpa has developed “Gift Card Exchange Day” (December 26), during which you can trade in those unwanted gift cards for cash! Depending on the gift card, you could receive 75 to 92 percent of the original card value. CouponSherpa works with reputable resellers including ABC Gift Cards and Plastic Jungle so the service is worry-free.

Study Abroad Scholarships (
Lastly, what better way to celebrate Christmas than to treat yourself to scholarships! This list is a great starting point when attacking the application process.

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