Little Italy + NYC = Buenos Aires? Who Knew?!

I’m human, therefore I make assumptions. I assumed I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to spend 6 months in Argentina. I assumed I knew enough Spanish to ask basic questions and make polite chit-chat. I assumed I’d be eating some version of rice and beans and tortillas quite a lot. […]

Studying Abroad is Like Geocaching

Expect the unexpected. Start journeys. Take risks. Not too long ago, I had my first experience with the modern-day version of treasure hunting known as “Geocaching”. Simply put, geocaching is the act of hiding an object – known as a “cache” – and providing the coordinates of the cache to allow others to find it. […]

London: Where Dreams are Achievable

British accents. Tea at all times. Pubs galore. Beautiful men and women rushing to and fro from buses and the tube. Parks hidden in every corner. Museums standing tall in seemingly every zone. Inspiration in the air (or maybe that’s the undeniable bliss of the fish and chips stand down the road…). London. The city […]


My first day of my senior year of college coincidentally falls exactly two months after I returned from London. Since I’ve been home, the first question people usually have asked me is, “So how was London?!” I have a strong feeling that once school starts, I’m going to be getting that question even more. Whenever […]

I Left My Heart in the Highlands

I felt as if I sat suspended in time. Looking out across the placid water to the green hills beyond, I knew I was home. Sitting on the end of the rough wooden dock, I listened to the soft crunch of the rocks as my friends searched for the most colorful pieces of sea glass […]

Don’t Blink

Life couldn’t be better after a month back in the States. I live five minutes from the beach, I love my waitressing job, I go on adventures with my boyfriend (or watch Scrubs on Netflix), and I am now a published writer in the magazine “South Shore Living”. I began my internship there three days […]

Ich Vermisse Dich Deutschland

My first week of being home was amazing. The relief of being surrounded by the familiar was a convenience I hadn’t realized I kind of missed. I could go back to the days of auto piloting without having to consider if I was on the right street or in which direction I should be going. […]