API Scholarship Winners- Summer 2017

We are very excited to announce the API scholarship winners for the summer 2017 term! API awards approximately $500,000 in study abroad scholarship funds annually to deserving participants like the ones listed below, including specialty scholarships for underrepresented student populations (such as first-time travelers, students from diverse backgrounds, veterans, and STEM students).

  • Bradley Welch- Grenoble, France- API STEM Scholarship
  • Jordyn Kerr- Florence, Italy- API Regional Scholarship
  • Luke Meadows- Galway, Ireland- API First Generation Scholarship
  • Jena Van Marel- San Joaquín de Flores, Costa Rica- API Regional Scholarship
  • Martha Cardenas- Buenos Aires, Argentina- API Diversity Scholarship
  • Elena Nunez- Florence, Italy- API Regional Scholarship
  • Katherine Wright- Cork, Ireland- API Regional Scholarship
  • Faith Fogle- Salamanca, Spain- API Regional Scholarship
  • Cora Correia -Havana, Cuba- API Community College Scholarship
  • Cassandra Sulmeisters- Stirling, Scotland- API Athletic Scholarship
  • Cristin Jones- Rome, Italy- API Regional Scholarship
  • Donte Stokes- Florence, Italy- API Regional Scholarship
  • Hannah Allen- Paris, France- High School Scholarship
  • Alexandra Sakkis- Seville, Spain- Internship Scholarship
  • Haley Wentz – Dublin, Ireland- Internship Scholarship

For more information on API’s scholarship offerings, visit:

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