November Rains
November in Ireland means rain. It has rained almost every single day since the month started, and I’m getting the feeling that I should probably start preparing for the downpours. I have no gear that is made to protect me from rain, so most of the time when I go out, I come home damp. [...]
Adventures in Time and Space (and Cardiff)
Last weekend three of my friends and I visited Cardiff to go to the Doctor Who Experience. In my previous post I explained a little bit about what Doctor Who is, but here is a refresher: The show is about a time and space traveling alien called “The Doctor,” who helps people out while occasionally [...]
Rediscovering Paris
When preparing to study abroad, we hear a lot about culture shock, about how hard it is to adjust to your host country, and about how hard it is to leave behind the comfort of American life. And in all of this, one thing I can remember being warned about was eventually becoming disillusioned with [...]