Visiting Tuscania

The modern side of the city is largely made up of newer, but no less charming, residences.

Okay, so after that first really rough day in Rome fresh off the plane, I was in need on some Italian TLC. Luckily, the super charming and adorable town of Tuscania had exactly what I needed! Just to remind everyone, Tuscania is a real town, not a misspelling of the Tuscany region. It’s about and […]

Roaming Around Romania


I realize that I have only had two weeks of school so far, but I can’t help but look forward to the weekends. Usually the highlight of my weekend would be binge watching the office or getting ice cream, but this past weekend was one for the books. Last Thursday my study abroad group hopped […]

Sevilla In The Details

Madeline 3a

I’ve been in my host city for about two weeks now. Like any city, Sevilla has its own quirks and charms that make it unique. I know I have a lot more to see, but what stands out most are the little details that hide everywhere in this city. The most evident details lie in […]

How Does The Environment That We Place Ourselves In Shape Us?


Truthfully, the demographic and geographic environment that a person places themselves in has a constant influence on that person in terms of body language, thought processes, and so on. For most the students studying abroad with me, they have had to make two locational shifts in the past few years when they first moved to […]

9 Things You Must Do in Italy

Tori 1

For my first two weekend trips of the semester, I went to two parts of Italy: the Amalfi Coast and Florence. I did the whole “touristy” experience in both cities, and here are my favorites from my trips: In the Amalfi Coast 1. Take the chairlift to the top of Capri. You can’t get up […]

API Partner Institutions Featured in Times Higher Education’s Top 500 Universities

Recently, a number of API’s partner institutions were featured on the Times Higher Education’s list of World University Rankings.  Congratulations to our partners for this distinction! Take a look at the original list here, and click on the institutions below to find out more about how you can study at a world-class university or college with API. […]

A Romanian Romance

The amazing view of Torockό from atop the Székelykö mountain where we had a Taylor Swift dance party.

My weekend in Romania resembles much of a love story. Just a warning: it is your typical love story. Typical if you’ve ever travelled anywhere and fell hopelessly in love with the places you visit. With most love stories, things can get sticky. And things got sticky when I encountered my first love triangle this […]