London Life
The past few weeks have been light on the adventures, and heavier on the typical life stuff. Between school, sleeping, and eating, life seems to finally have slowed down (although after Paris, I am totally okay with this). Having been here a full month and then some, it surprises me how easily I have adapted [...]
I was shocked to see how beautiful Normandy was when we visited in the middle of October. As an American, I’ve always associated Normandy with World War II and the black-and-white pictures of soldiers storming a beach. I’m not entirely sure what I expected, but I wasn’t expecting to stand on the sites of bloody [...]
Rivers and Roads, Grazalema and Aracena
Out of all the places I’ve called home, the one where I find the most peace is in the mountains. Perhaps it is because that is where I truly feel free. The quiet of the mountains removes you from the world for a brief moment and asks you to exist. Our lives are filled with [...]