API Abroad Gap Fairs – February 2015
With January behind us, we wanted to give an update on where API Abroad will be traveling across the country over the next few weeks on the USA Gap Year Fairs national circuit.  As we mentioned last month, each fair offers participants the opportunity to hear from a distinguished speaker giving his or her thoughts on the benefits [...]
Pedestrians in Beanies
I have been in Ireland for 76 days and I’m finally starting to learn how to navigate traffic. It’s very disorienting having cars going the opposite way that they are normally going; so usually I wait at a stop light for ages just to make extra sure that I won’t get hit by a Hyundai [...]
Laughter Sounds the Same In Every Language
As I continue to muddle my way through communicating in a foreign language, I find myself spending more and more time simply observing interactions between strangers on the street. Barcelona – specifically Las Ramblas – is incredible because you really never know what language you’re going to hear. Spanish is most common, of course, but [...]