The Bittersweet End

London Eye

I knew that when I left for London, three weeks was either going to be too long or too short.  If I came over here and didn’t feel like I really connected with anybody, then my time abroad couldn’t end soon enough.  Or, I could fill every day with new experiences with new friends and […]

Last Week in France


I’m a pretty clumsy human. I spend a lot of the time that I’m walking around staring down at my feet and making sure that there aren’t any tiny rocks or cracks in the ground that I have the possibility of tripping over. I stare at the ground in front of me so I can […]

Thank You London

London Eye

Thank you London. Thank you for fish and chips and a full English breakfast. Thank you for busy days and fun nights out. Thank you for Bedford Place and University of Westminster. Thank you for endless walking tours and almost getting hit by a double decker bus. Thank you for days at the theater and […]

Sickness, Hormigas & Beaches

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.39.37 PM

I write this blog post from the comfort of my host mamá tica’s house. Well, much more comfortable now than I was this weekend. Right when I was beginning to think I might make it through this study abroad adventure without becoming sick, I was fortunate enough to experience the consequences of some food I […]

Eating (not so) Alone


I had dinner with a little, old Irish man the other day. After a long, rainy day on a tour bus to Connemara and the Kylemore Abbey—which were beautiful even through a curtain of rain—I thought about just walking back to the apartment when my bus returned to town. It had been a long day, […]



My first day studying abroad started with loads of anxiety and culture shock. When my plane first arrived to the Catania airport, I quickly exited the plane. After looking at the time, I realized I was late and no longer made the cut to be transported by API. Needless to say, I was panicking. I […]

Where Are They Now? API Alumni Profile of Madi Alexander.

We at API feel very fortunate to be able to touch so many lives through our international programs, but often we find ourselves wondering – where are they now? In this edition of the API alumni profile series, we’ll be speaking with former API Doha and Salamanca student Madi Alexander, about her life after studying abroad. […]