(Not) Too Young to Study Abroad

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Are you an recently graduated high school student or underclassman who wants to study abroad, but isn’t sure if you can? API is working to generate awareness that study abroad can indeed be a valid option for many freshmen (including gap semesters and gap years) and sophomore college students. Studying abroad as an underclassman allows you the […]

Impending Departure


Wow. I leave is less than two weeks for Dalian and I’m freaking out a bit. I can’t believe that I will be gone for almost an ENTIRE year! I keep thinking to myself, what is the world am I doing? How will I be as a teacher? Will my students like me? Will I […]

API Safety Update – Budapest Train Closures

API has been monitoring the news and reports about the refugee crisis in Budapest, and our Resident Director in Budapest has been keeping us updated as to the reality of the situation in the city. Our program is set to begin with students arriving on September 6th, and we do not anticipate any problems or delays at […]

New Croatian Language Course in Dubrovnik


API’s study abroad program in Dubrovnik, Croatia now offers students the ability to take a Croatian language course. Begun in 2013, API’s Diplomacy and International Business program at DIU Libertas University has been a popular option for those looking for a unique and beautiful location and who are interested in taking courses in English in […]

New Portugal Summer Study Abroad Program? Sim, por favor!

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“Lisbon is the kind of place where you can easily get lost. The kind of lost that anyone likes and everyone needs. In Lisbon you won’t only feel the true essence of Portugal in the air, but it’s also the place where you will be transformed into a true Portuguese yourself. After walking through its […]

Patients? No, I Mean “Patience”


I think one of the best pieces of advice for anyone going into teaching abroad in to be patient. Sometimes it will take awhile to hear back about a teaching position, where your school is at in the hiring process, if they need any additional materials from you in terms of paperwork, etc. I know […]

Spring 2016 International Internship Deadlines Extended


API is pleased to announce that many of our spring 2016 international internship deadlines have been extended to October 1, 2015, including: Barcelona, Spain Buenos Aires, Argentina Dublin, Ireland Seville, Spain Note: API also offers flex date internship options throughout the year with start dates offered twice per month. Application deadlines for these flex date […]