Social Media Guide for Study Abroad Alumni
Below is an info-graphic prepared by API Seville student Christine O’Dea, outlining suggestions and best practices for social media use for students who have returned from a study abroad program. This info-graphic was one of three that Christine prepared as part of her year-long API Peer Mentor project, and also fit in with her senior thesis which explored social [...]
Sevilla, I love you
Discovering a new city is much like falling in love. It all begins by becoming acquaintances. This is point when you first arrive in a city and are discovering all of its quirks. You orient yourself with the city, discover all its unique traits and begin settling into a routine. Phase two of this love [...]
The Next Generation
Let’s start off with a question: how old were you when you first learned about study abroad opportunities? Maybe you heard about it at an early age and it has always been one of your life goals. However, if you are anything like me, you didn’t join the conversation until much later. I didn’t even realize [...]