API Safety Update – Germanwings Flight 9525

The entire API family was deeply saddened to hear the news of the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 today in France. API Resident Directors in Barcelona have confirmed that they no reason to believe that any API students were traveling on the flight, given that classes are currently in session and no students disclosed travel plans to Germany. Our […]

Volunteer Abroad

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My Story I headed to Chile for my study abroad escapade without a definite plan. My only expectation was that I was going to have grand adventures. What I didn’t expect was how much I was going fall in love with the country. At the time, I was searching for quests and stories to add […]

Surreal Moments

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Studying abroad is full of surreal moments. When these moments occur, I often step back and take it all in because I never want to forget that I experienced it. I’d say I’ve experienced a surreal moment at least once in every place I’ve traveled to thus far. In Rome, when I stepped foot in […]

Queso y Camarón Empanada, Por Favor

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It has been three weeks since my landing in Chile. I have quickly fallen in love with the culture, language, my incredible host family and the infamous Chilean shrimp empanadas. As most might know, South America is home to the crispy and flaky, fried or baked goodness known as the empanada. Being raised on the […]

High on Life in the Altitude of the Alps

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The past week officially marked the halfway point of my time here. It feels like it has been much longer than that since I left Green Bay and have seen my family, but at the same time it seems like just yesterday I was meeting all of the people here I now call my friends […]

Summer and Fall deadlines are approaching!

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Right about now you’re either returning from spring break (or about to start it – lucky you!), and the fall is the furthest thing from your mind… Believe it or not, it’s time to start looking ahead – many API summer and fall / academic year study abroad deadlines are fast approaching! The following API locations have […]

7 Ways to Actually Study Abroad

James and I exploring Spain.

(In as ironic a tone as possible) “Guys we’re here to study abroad not party abroad.” –James Randolph Although we are joking, there exists the very present issue of learning a language abroad. News flash: with technology, American restaurants, and other priorities…you will not be immersed. We use the Internet in English, we talk to […]