Social Media Guide for Study Abroad Alumni
Below is an info-graphic prepared by API Seville student Christine O’Dea, outlining suggestions and best practices for social media use for students who have returned from a study abroad program. This info-graphic was one of three that Christine prepared as part of her year-long API Peer Mentor project, and also fit in with her senior thesis which explored social [...]
Sevilla, I love you
Discovering a new city is much like falling in love. It all begins by becoming acquaintances. This is point when you first arrive in a city and are discovering all of its quirks. You orient yourself with the city, discover all its unique traits and begin settling into a routine. Phase two of this love [...]
My host father tries to pronounce groceries as we pull into the Carrefour ten minutes from my host family’s house. We are speaking a little English – per his request – and he struggles with the word while looking for a parking spot, his tongue refusing to nestle up against the roof of his mouth [...]