7 Things to Keep in Mind when Studying Abroad as an Engineering Student

I think part of human nature is that people adore giving advice, whether or not their advice is based on personal experiences or things they’ve heard. Unfortunately, you don’t always get the advice you need when you need it! So I’m here to remedy that. People gave me a lot of advice about studying abroad, […]

API Alumni Spotlight: Julia McGuire

API’s alumni programs offer returned students a chance to engage with campus in exciting ways.  This blog series will highlight how alumni plan innovative events on campus and what they learn about themselves and their API experience along the way. Meet Julia McGuire, API Galway alumna, who is serving for a semester on her campus […]

Deadlines? Where we’re going, we don’t need deadlines…

We’ve got great news! Many more API summer and fall study abroad, internship, high school, and gap year deadlines have been extended, so you still have a chance to apply to great locations like Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, and Spain! Don’t let this opportunity slip by – apply today!* *Many […]

City of the Eternal Spring: Medellín

Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Us? I’ve been looking forward to going to this city since I decided to come to Colombia. It did not disappoint…in fact it exceeded my expectations in many ways, but this weekend excursion did not start off well. I like bus rides; actually, I love them. There’s nothing better than sitting […]

Being Sick While Studying Abroad

It’s about as much fun as it sounds. Being a girl who goes to school only an hour and a half away from home while in the states, I can basically ask my parents to come visit me any time I want. But, having not been sick at school before, I have no idea what […]

The Tuscan Life and the Final Stretch

Ooh, boy – are classes heating up! It’s hard to believe that we have a little over a month left in the semester; you can definitely tell by the amount of homework that’s piling on. I feel like group projects and final papers are being thrown at me left and right! However, it’s nothing I […]

API Alumni Highlight: Vicky Cooley

  API Alumna Vicky Cooley studied abroad with API in both Salamanca and Seville, Spain.  Vicky has been selected for the “Cervantes Award” from Springfield College, an award for distinction in Spanish language and culture, as well as a dedication to her studies and high academic achievement.  We congratulate Vicky on her win and chat […]